Brawl Stars Animation #58 - SURGE ORIGINS part 1

Brawl Stars Animation #58 - SURGE ORIGINS part 1
Max X 8 Bit
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  1. GURU Mobile Game

    GURU Mobile GameHace 4 meses

    Do you like this video ? What do you think if I make some origins animation brawler ? Please give me more suggestions, thank you guys

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    Alisa alisaHace 28 días

    @Cr- forget it. Surge's Wiki is an Male.

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  8. SprouT - Null's Brawl

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    Micro MegnoHace 4 días

    YAS I ship max x 8-bit :)

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    Как мило

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    ellos isieron el delisioso¿? :v

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    wait a second how max born a robot

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    Waiting illegal

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    0:59 hay paja hay paja

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    01:12 😮

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    *Well yes, but actually no*

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    My eyes will never forget this 0-0

  28. Волк

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    Max's face timecode: 0:23 AAAAAAAAAAH 0:30 my mauth!!!! 1:00 wtf what happen with my bodi 1:03 loading team... 1:05 follow me 1:11 WHAAAAT!? 4K!! YEAH BOYYYYY, TICK, MAX, I HAVE A MAAAAAAX!!!! OAOAOAOAOOAOAOAAAH 1:33 my leeeegs 1:38 Aaaaaaah 1:58 i cant name it 2:00 wow... what is this? This is.. e-n-e-r-g-y.... wow, lol 2:08 WOOOW! THIS IS ENERGY DRINK!!! I AM UNDERSTAAAND!!!!

  29. David Bacala

    David BacalaHace 20 días

    My mind after sawing that Max and 8-bit born Surge: "coffin dance intincifes"

  30. frenzy bies

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    You fail nou i'm. sorii

  31. Crysis

    CrysisHace 21 un día

    Max está con Surge

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    Awwwww cute surge baby cool keep it

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  34. злой комментатор

    злой комментаторHace 24 días

    Я все понял 😳. Анимация дословно показала появление Вольта... А я то думаю, чё у нас на ЭТУ тему два чела в клубе шутки пишут и себя на их место ставят 😳😏

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    New skin and 8 BIT ?

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    Max not girl

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    She is girl🤦‍♀️

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    0:18 HOLY COW

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    I'm only 16🌚

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    Estás animaciónes apestan


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    Only way you could do the same store as the app

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    Surge 💖💖💖

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    Oooo my eyesssss pls help me THIS IS SO COOOOOL

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    The perfect

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    This is so cringey

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    new skin 8-bit ahahahhahahahhahaha

  55. wee wee ang

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    Max and 8 bit mix to surge

  56. •NuNu• •GACHA•

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    How surge has borned?

  57. Fan Yoshimura

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    Story Sungre

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    Ha ha

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    iki panpaHace un mes

    YBJ: 8- bitin ç*kü mü var lan Ben: 1:23 Evt bu türkçe bir yorum

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    what incredible video: 3

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    Все jojo

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    GromiGameHace un mes

    How max born robot? Как макс родила робота?

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    ionut miticus MiticusHace un mes

    Super cute❤❤❤

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    Buenaflor Stephan JadeHace 2 meses

    Well how did they get a baby 8-bit is a robot(dont tell me he use his thing robot uuhh)😅


    TSUBASA DUNYASIHace 2 meses

    Ne 😲

  70. Jorge Calderón

    Jorge CalderónHace 2 meses

    I don't ship it,because is stupid And Surge not the son of Max and 8-bit and that is an idea and a stupid ship because a robot cannot have children with a human. (Don't hate me please)

  71. Max

    MaxHace 15 días

    Penny x darrly Carl x jacky Piper x rico *Left the chat*

  72. Damiano Biocca

    Damiano BioccaHace 2 meses

    8-bit you are lazy only videogames

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    Surge cute

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    Monika StanHace 2 meses

    8-bit + max = 💞= birth by max surge

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    Monika StanHace 2 meses

    Guru mobile game please do some more! ok? please!

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    Lara SerdarevićHace 2 meses

    Whaat Max canot be with 8-bit 😠🤦

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    Bebek çok tatlı

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    Germaine DolosaHace 2 meses

    i really like this video guru pls part 2 in collete 's origin

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    edu vlog08Hace 2 meses

    Surge face of bread

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    2:11 Surge trollface

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    Omg: 1:10

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    But not true cuz 8-bit have ti in love with a robot

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    jean marie courtoisHace 2 meses

    1:48 wtf, baby surge is drinking max's drink

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    Awww baby surge is soooo cute

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    I mean origin😅

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    Im happy now bc i saw my real story!!❤

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    Regiane 9988=45😂😩

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    Segue o comprovante. A

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    You are good father

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    People who don't ship max x 8-bit:so always I found there address and destroyed there brawl stars game and shooted

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    Humans can born robots

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    Ok Wow

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    OwO max this is girl a not robot

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    0:00 balls

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    Лай косики😛🙏👍

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